Shuffle Tunes

What is Shuffle Tunes?

Welcome to Shuffletunes! We are much, much more than a choir!

We pride ourselves on having fun with music, and extending happiness to as many people as we can. We challenge ourselves to sing for good causes, and for good reasons and the most important one is to share as much joy of singing as we can. Whether it is in the Roundhouse, or at a hospice, or a pub or a concert hall- we try to share our enthusiasm for singing and we try to use song as the strongest possible 'happiness sharer' that we can.  And if you would like to sing- then please come and join us.  It's good for your head, your body, your families and friends- it's good for you as a whole. Singing with us will give you so so much.

Come and sing with us!

Like we said over there- Shuffletunes is much much more than a choir. We are friends and we love to sing to bring happiness and joy to as many people as we can- whether it is in rehearsal or performance. We love a musical and a cerebral challenge just as much as feeling comfortable singing. We like to increase our confidence, our capability and our capacity for singing. You don't need to be able to read music or be a 'good' singer. Anyone can sing. You can sing. You can find details about us and LOCATIONS for joining in the 'Contact us' section above.

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Why come to choir?

Well, simply put- it's good for you wholly.  It affects your heart, spine, lungs, sinuses, it's definitely good for your headspace, and it allows you to communicate in a different way.  You learn new ways to work, communicate, new languages and experiment with sound. You also stand with others to project feeling- empathy and sympathy, power and confidence- all in one place at one time.  Get in touch with us, or our singers and find out why you should come and sing with us!

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